Executive Brief

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  IDEAcarbon's Option Model White Paper

  • IDEAcarbon’s Executive Brief provides timely, detailed analysis, forecasting and in-depth looks at pricing and dynamics, across energy commodities and environmental markets. Published every Friday it looks at events and trends over the past week’s trading and provides directional outlooks and strategies for the future, as well as, global climate policy analysis.


IDEAcarbon’s Executive Brief includes:

  • Short term trading strategy ideas for energy commodities and environmental markets.
  • A week-ahead technical view of the key products.
  • Context setting explanations of major policy decisions that will have immediate and longer term impacts on environmental markets.
  • Insights into the main products spreads (e.g. the clean power spreads) that impact prices.
  • The IDEAcarbon pCER SurveyTM, a weekly survey of the risk appetite of buyers and sellers of primary carbon credits.
  • The Carbon Calendar brings together information and analysis about market events, policy processes and key conferences.
Typical Customers
  • Emissions Traders;
  • Energy Brokers;
  • Analysts;
  • Consultants; and  
  • Government.
  • “It offers a different dimension; there are other sources that are focused only on policy but nothing I am really aware of that deals with the markets like this. It is a useful addition as it compliments other information from the Economist and Wall Street Journal.” Manu Maudgal, German Company for International Cooperation



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