pCER Survey

  • The IDEAcarbon pCER SurveyTM product measures price signals for primary market Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) under the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).
  • Relevant to both carbon market buyers and sellers, the survey brings price transparency to the opaque primary CER market.


  • The pCER Survey is constructed from a questionnaire that asks participants what the appropriate price should be for carbon credits in the CDM project cycle according to a sequence of risks, thereby enabling price-of-risk discovery.
  • IDEAcarbon's pCER Survey is confidential, enabling high participation rates.
  • The pCER Survey is derived from questioning respondents including project developers, investment banks, utilities, industrials and multilateral institutions.
  • Access to the pCER Survey entitles subscribers to more than 3 years of data, predating and succeeding the economic crisis.

Typical customers

The IDEAcarbon pCER SurveyTM is most relevant to those involved in the sale or purchase of primary CERs but also to those involved in the secondary CER markets. As such it is highly useful to:

  • pCER sellers;
  • pCER buyers;
  • Traders;
  • Brokers;
  • Analysts; and
  • Consultants.



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