Achievements to Date

Regions Readiness for Climate Investment (RRCI)

A notable success for our Partnership has been the establisment of our Regions Readiness for Climate Investment (RRCI) framework. The RRCI Review contains issues and parameters designed to address aspects crucial in highlighting various region specific climate investment risk concerns identified by financiers. It identifies actions necessary to make investment more attractive to domestic and foreign investors while highlighting areas for support. Sets pace for establishing an MRV framework by keeping track of climate action taken by regions on mitigation & adaptation policies, strategic objectives and actions. Provides the basis for sharing best practices and peer learning on policies

Pre Investment Facility

IDEAcarbon and R20 have designed the structure of a Pre-Investment Facility and developed it to an executable stage. The Pre-Investment Facility will enable the early-stage appraisal of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects and the promotion of “bankable” projects to investors. IDEAcarbon and R20 are also in discussions with several large-scale financial institutions with a view to providing investment. In addition to the Pre-Investment Facility, IDEAcarbon has also engaged with several R20 member regions to provide advisory and analytical services to help develop their climate finance infrastructure.
If you are a Multilateral organisation or private investor and are interested in participating in our Climate Investment inititativesm you can click here for more information on IDEAcarbon products, the Carbon Ratings Agency, or you may contact our team directly.

The Regions 20 Conference in Vienna 2013

IDEAcarbon were proud to cohost the Regions 20 Conference in Vienna, which took place on January 31st and February 1st. The conference, opened by Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Federal Chancellor of Austria Werner Faymann and the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso, brought together an assembly of world leading practitioners that included international financing institutions, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, and policymakers from regions and states.

Distinguished speakers include:

  • Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger: R20 Founding Chair
  • José Manuel Barroso: President of the European Commission
  • Werner Faymann: Federal Chancellor of Austria
  • Michéle Sabban: President of the Assembly of European Regions and President of Board of R20
  • Connie Hedegaard: European Commissioner for Climate Action (tbc)
  • Lord Nicholas Stern: Advisor to IDEAglobal Group
  • Shandi J Modi: Chairman, IDEAglobal Group

Participants from all over the world present their clean energy strategies and best practices, technological solutions and innovative financing schemes, demonstrating how sub-national action is capable of generating attractive investment returns for private sector investors, as well as building sustainable economies and making clean sources of energy available to all.

Quarterly Publication for R20 Members

Our editorial team has recently developed a new climate finance publication, available to R20 members. These quarterly updates are designed to contain the information on the latest developments in the climate finance arena, as well as providing intelligence on what key players are doing in this area.
The most recent edition, published on 17th January, contains a critical analysis of the Green Climate Fund, a critique of the California ETS and an interview with R20 Executive Director Christophe Nuttall.
If you are interested in finding out more about partnership opportunities with IDEAcarbon, you can read more about our work on our Prospective Partners page.