About Us


IDEAcarbon is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IDEAglobal Group with a mission to: (i) enable the development of Natural Capital as an asset class; (ii) establish an appropriate global price for carbon; (iii) integrate measured environmental return ratings into debt and capital markets. IDEAcarbon has benefited from the input of leaders and policymakers in capital markets, central banks and corporations who have shaped the solution framework for effective climate action.

IDEAcarbon is currently working with influential stakeholders in the business world, particularly leading corporations and investors to deliver the tools that will enable companies, cities, states and international agencies to (i) value carbon and climate action comparatively and consistently, (ii) launch product solutions to effect the goals of the Paris Accord and beyond (including coins or tokens to set national tradeable carbon currencies anchored by an international carbon currency “a de-facto global carbon reserve currency”); (iii) enable credible collateralization of environmental returns for the development of the Natural Capital asset class.


The Carbon Ratings Agency

The Carbon Rating Agency is a wholly owned subsidiary of the IDEAglobal Group. It is the world’s only ratings agency focused on rating environmental returns (including carbon and energy efficiency). Its mission is to carry out ratings and design the tools for the creation of natural capital as an asset class. It has provided a suite of ratings and analytical products to major clients* including carbon ratings, energy efficiency ratings, ratings of NAMAs and trading schemes. It is now embracing distributed ledger and blockchain technology to strengthen its product suite. The principal role of these products is to enable risk sharing between public and private stakeholders and the construction of credible instruments necessary for this new asset class to crowd in private capital. The CRA’s products have benefited from the work of experts in finance and environmental policy, including Lord Nicholas Stern, former UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres, former UN Under Secretary-General Nitin Desai.