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IDEAcarbon Consortium

 Benefits for corporations in joining the IDEAcarbon Consortium

  • Demonstrate a tangible commitment to the concept of carbon pricing as opposed to simply expressing support
  • Playing a part (with others such as Sovereign funds, the multilateral organisations and investors) in the development of a Carbon Rating Agency which will validate the company's own internal carbon price and also rate any funds raised by "Green bond" issuance
  • This participation is being represented in a collective way with other investors through the UN Global Compact "Caring for Climate" governance
  • Active participation of relevant working groups of CARA, bringing to bear relevant expertise from leading corporate entities into the design of important benchmarks of prices and instruments
  • Opportunity to help shape a cutting edge carbon pricing initiative away from uncertainty of UNFCCC negotiations
  • Reputational benefits in being perceived to be making a constructive contribution towards the establishment of a carbon price
  • Compliance with UN Global Compact business leadership criteria