April 2018: Veridium Foundation forms an Alliance with IDEAcarbon
IDEAcarbon joins the Veridium Coalition and its Advisory Board


The core mission of both organisations is fundamentally aligned: to drive the growth and adoption of the Natural Capital Asset Class.

Key elements of the Alliance and its goals:

1. To collaborate in creating quality index products and services relating to the Natural Capital Asset Class. The Alliance plans to design tools, tokens and benchmarks focused on Natural Capital Assets.

2. Veridium appoints the Carbon Ratings Agency to provide an impact-metrics rating for the underlying environmental assets in the Veridium Foundation’s carbon and conservation portfolio.

3. To give the IDEACarbon network of leading corporations and investors access to the Veridium Foundation’s product suite.

4. To jointly grow the Veridium Natural Capital Ecosystem.

5. In 2018, our focus is on establishing VERDE as the token of choice for leading corporations to use as a vehicle for trade with positive social and environmental impact.


“We are excited to be joined by leading organisation IDEAcarbon. Its range of products, services and network fit perfectly and strengthen the Veridium Coalition. The credibility and integrity of the IDEAcarbon ecosystem is consistent with the standards to which the Veridium Foundation plans to execute its mission. We are confident that the IDEAcarbon network will strengthen the launch and liquidity of the VERDE token.”

-Todd Lemons, Chairman of the Veridium Foundation


“VERDE sets a new benchmark for leading corporations and investors to adjust their ‘Environmental Balance Sheet’. By trading in or holding the Verde Token (as described in the white paper), these organisations can de-risk their stranded asset liabilities and scale their ownership and support of Natural Capital Assets. IDEAcarbon is very much looking forward to introducing the Verde to its core community of leading corporations and investors.“

-Shandi Modi



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