Mr Paul Ezekiel

Paul Ezekiel picture

Advisor to IDEAcarbon


Mr Ezekiel joined the IDEAcarbon Advisory Board in 2009. Mr Paul Ezekiel has been a key participant in the carbon market, and has been responsible for creating a number of innovative structures for carbon emissions producers, including pioneering securitizations of tradable greenhouse gas emissions credits.

Mr Ezekiel is currently a Managing Partner at Yallingup Capital, a global Asset Management firm focused on principal investments in next generation energy infrastructure. He was previously Managing Director at Credit Suisse, where he ran the Global Carbon Trading business and developed the bank's carbon strategy. Prior to that he founded Antipodean Partners, an environmental hedge fund, in 2002.

Key contributions and insights

  • Mr Ezekiel joined the IDEAcarbon Advisory Board in 2009. Upon joining he said, "I have subscribed to the services of IDEACarbon since the Company's launch in 2006. The Carbon Ratings Agency strategy is very well guided by Ian Johnson and Christiana Figueres and the Company is positioned to play a material role in the future development of the carbon and emissions markets. The products of IDEACarbon and The Carbon Ratings Agency will help the emissions markets become a true alternative asset class and attract the institutional participants it needs to become a truly serious market. I am excited to be part of such a distinguished team of policy and market leaders. I will be advising the company on strategic partnerships worldwide and on the company's capital raising needs as it scales its operations in the Americas and Asia". To read the full Press Release click here.