Prof Dr Schlesinger

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Advisor to IDEAglobal Group, parent company of IDEAcarbon


Professor Dr. Schlesinger was formerly the President of the Deutsche Bundesbank and was Chairman of the Central Bank Council from 1991 to 1993. Prior to that, Professor Dr. Schlesinger served in a variety of positions, including Head of Research and Statistics department, member of the board, and Deputy President of the Deutsche Bundesbank. He also served as Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Council, as well as a researcher at the IFO Institute for Economic Research.

Professor Dr. Schlesinger received a doctorate in economics from the University of Munich. He was a board member at the Bank for International Settlements, a member of the supervisory board of Metro, Vice Chairman of Foundation Finance, and an economic advisor to the German finance ministry.

Key contributions and insights

  • Professor Dr. Schlesinger played a pivotal role in the creation of the European Central Bank and oversaw the monetary unification of Germany. He has spoken at several IDEA events, and directed IDEA clients on why the ECB and the single currency had to be formed. He has also used the IDEA Advisory platform to communicate with the financial markets on the structure of, and inherent checks and balances leading to, the creation of the single currency.
  • Professor Dr. Schlesinger was a keynote speaker, along with leading financial market participants, at the IDEAglobal conference in London in 1999.