Mr Ng Kok Song

 Ng Kok Song picture

Advisor to IDEAglobal Group, parent company of IDEAcarbon


Mr Ng joined the Advisory Board of IDEAglobal, IDEAcarbon's sister company in 1997. He has been a leading figure in the development of financial markets in Singapore and is currently Managing Director of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC). At the GIC,  Mr Ng is responsible for global asset allocation and global currency risk management, and operations of equities, bonds, foreign exchange, economics, and client services. Mr Ng previously held positions at the Monetary Authority of Singapore, including Director of the International Department and of the Banking Department.

Mr Ng was the founding Chairman of the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX), the first financial futures exchange in Asia, now incorporated into the Singapore Exchange (SGX). Mr Ng's initiatives helped to stimulate the establishment of the larger Asian futures industry and he was responsible for laying the foundation for SIMEX’s success, which has built up into SGX’s position today as the Asian Gateway for derivatives. Mr Ng is an adviser to Agency France Tresor and the International Capital Markets.

Key contributions and insights

  • In July 2007, Mr Ng spoke at a private event held by IDEAcarbon in the Savoy Hotel, London that discussed the long-term investment opportunities arising from action on Climate Change and on sovereign wealth funds and their implications for global financial markets. Click here to see the Full Press Release.
  • Mr Ng was a keynote speaker, along with leading financial market participants, at the IDEAcarbon conference, at the Merchants Taylor’s hall in London in 1999.